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A milestone (Or: Stop asking to translate Dutch, Chrome)

A milestone!

never translate Dutch in Chrome, a Dutch news website.

I finally decided to turn off translation requests in Chrome. It was never automatic translation, just a request per website if I wanted to translate Dutch. In reality it has probably been some months since I needed this feature (I usually ignore it), but still, it is a nice minor achievement.

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Orange fever (Or: Dutchies take first place in group B)

Nederland 2 – Chili 0

The game between the Netherlands and Chile was closer than the score would show – the first Dutch goal was in the 77th minute by Leroy Fer and the second one was in extra time by Memphis Depay.

With this win, the Dutch take first place in their group (B) and play again Sunday at 6PM local time. Go Dutchies!

Blokker winkel orange World Cup decorations

‘Blokker’ store in The Hague with decorations

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Time for chocolate (Or: Homemade rice krispie treats)

As mentioned in the previous post, on Thursday night I had a barbecue at my teacher’s house. I decided to make rice krispie treats (Marco and I had a lot of fun in the kitchen making them!)

homemade chocolate rice krispies

Above is a photo of one of the pans of rice krispies, after pouring the melted chocolate but before spreading it. Lekker! 

My classmates definitely enjoyed it. Marco took most of the leftovers to work on Friday for his coworkers. I heard it was also a hit there (although one of them said he wanted to run up and down the hallway repeatedly after eating all that chocolate).

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Toetsverklaring (Or: End of the B2 Dutch course)

Yesterday our Dutch class was invited to our teacher’s house for a barbecue get-together. At the end of the night she passed out certificates for those who students had passed the course (to pass, you needed to get 3 out of the 4 sections at B2 level).

toetsverklaring NT2 B2 Mondriaan

I succeeded in getting everything at the B2 level (the last row in the chart). 

Op weg naar = on the way to. i.e., in between a level.

Along with the certificate the teacher also said a few words about each of us. How awesome! Of course when she talked about me she talked about how I said right away that I was a grammar nut. 🙂 She also bought each of us a book and this is the book I received:

Taal is zeg maar echt mijn ding

Taal is zeg maar echt mnijn ding = Language is really my thing. Appropriate, don’t you think? I haven’t had time to read it yet but I hope to soon.

And lastly… last night I signed up for the Staatsexamen programma II. Awesome! I will be taking it later this summer. After that the language courses stop for the most part (most people don’t go past this) though I do know of one place that has a C1 course if I really want to keep going – next year maybe.

I am sort of nervous about it but I know if I buckle down and study I should be fine. More excuse to visit the library and study [says the librarian]!

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Oranje tompouce (Or: The Dutchies win again!)

oranje tampouce in celebration of the World Cup

“tompouce”, a type of cake that goes with coffee. Here with a festive orange color due to the World Cup going on.

Nederland 3 – Australië 2

Woohoo. A much closer game but we survived. This time someone in the neighborhood had a lot of fireworks and set them off after we went ahead 3 to 2 (a bit premature if you ask me!). But we made it – and they set more firewoks off after the game was officially over.

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Success (Or: I passed the B2 Dutch course)

Today we received the results for the B2 course I have been taking at ROC Mondriaan. I passed all four sections – reading, writing, listening and speaking – with no problems. I did ironically have some comments about how to work on my writing, but it was mainly due to a lack of time to check over my work when I was done writing. I tend to write a lot – a bit too much probably!

When I got home I saw a small gift on the table from Marco. The message he wrote on it makes me wonder what I should have done with it if I hadn’t passed the tests. Burn it?

passed a test surprise

“open me if you passed the exams – Marco”

If you know what ‘Jamin’ is (what it sells), you can already guess what the gift is. ;p

chocolate from Jamin in the Netherlands

Chocolate! geslaagd = successful, in the sense of success at passing a test (a school exam, a driving test, etc).

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Wow (Or: Go Dutchies!)

oranje leeuw met voetbal

Spanje 1 – Nederland 5

Wow. Very cool to watch! After they scored, we would sometimes turn off the volume briefly and just listen to everyone shouting outside.

And as much as Marco likes to say otherwise, he was shouting at the tv too!

I have to say my favorite goal was the “flying Dutchman” goal by van Persie – a header right before the half to tie the score at 1-1.

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Dutch spirit (Or: The World Cup begins)

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the World Cup. If you visit the right places, you will see a lot of Dutch spirit.

Dutch world cup decorations

Here we have the decorations in my father-in-law’s house – Dutch spirit against a pretty (mooi) backdrop.

1. The banner over the door was from the TUC brand crackers.

2. The orange soccer balls/footballs are actually lights.

3. The other things hanging from the plant are Albert Heijn hamsters (the mascot) which can you receive for free if you spend more than a certain amount of euros in a shopping trip (15, probably). Orange, of course!

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Helemaal geen probleem (Or: Done with the tests)

On Thursday I took the remaining two tests for my B2 Dutch course – het was helemaal geen probleem. It was not a problem at all. The first test was a one on one speaking test with the teacher for 15 minutes. I did get a bit off track with one of the questions but was able to save it.

Due to the scheduling, that test was from 6:45 – 7:00PM and the following test (listening) was at 8:30PM. Because of that, I asked Marco to come with and wait downstairs, and after the test was done we walked to Hema. We had coffee and shared a chocolate chip cookie.

coffee and cookie by Hema

Of course, the chocolate cookies aren’t quite as awesome as the white chocolate cranberry cookies by Hema… yum!

I must admit to being happy – I thought I would have been more nervous during the speaking test. The listening test was also fine, so I know I passed the course. There are still two “lessons” to go – we are on vacation next week, and then the following Tuesday we receive the results and on Thursday we have a party.

Party time!

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B2 cursus examen voor Lezen/Schrijven (Or: Klaar!)

Okay, I am officially tired! And this wasn’t even the real exam, which will be sometime over the summer. Quick recap: tonight was the reading/writing tests for my B2 Dutch course at Mondriaan.

We took a vote and most wanted to start with reading first. I am not sure why – writing is more draining – though I did like someone’s comment that if we do reading first we might learn a few sentences to use in the writing portion after.

The reading portion was 60 minutes and 25 questions (compared to 100 minutes and ~40 questions for the acutal staatsexamen). I did fine here – I was mainly concentrating hard to see how close I could get to perfect. I think I got pretty close – though I probably missed one. I used all of the time, but that meant being able to go back and leisurely check all of my answers after I was done.

The writing portion was also 60 minutes and was 20 questions. It was a mix of sentences that you have to fill in, questions where you need to write 2-3 sentences, and short writing tasks (including 4-5 short letters). This was harder – I generally use all of the time for things like this, not leaving myself a lot of time to go back and double check that everything is perfect (de puntjes op de i zet – dotting the i’s, compared to the English expression “dot the i’s and cross the t’s”.

No real problems with this test either – but I did work hard as it provides good practice for the staatsxamen.

Two tests down, two to go.

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