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Aim Aroy (Or: Thai restaurant in Tilburg)

Last Saturday (Nov 19), Marco, Roger and I went to a rock concert in Tilburg. We saw two bands – Killswitch Engage and Bullet for My Valentine. It was a lot of fun, even if Tilburg really is not that close by. It is about an hour to an hour and a half depending on what train you can get. Luckily it was on a Saturday night, since we got home closer to 1:30AM.

But before we went there, we stopped by a small Thai restaurant for dinner. We had a 4:30PM reservation so we wouldn’t be late to the arena, but that meant we were the first ones there – even before the cook! We could see someone inside, so we decided to wait outside and see what happened. Long story short, they soon took pity on us and let us in.

This is my blog, so I can decide to start with the dessert picture. Check this one out!


Spekkoek and coffee

If you don’t know what spekkoek is, check out the Wikipedia article.

Although it definitely was not the best lighting, I took a picture of the darkening sky from inside the restaurant:


The decorations here are just a silhouette against the sky.


This was also a nice decoration, in the corner of the restaurant.


Appetizers to share – spring rolls and Thai (chicken) sate


A look at my food – chicken and veggies in a green curry, with a side of white rice.

My meal was a bit spicier than I expected, but Marco offered to finish off the spiciest part, the soup!

If you’re in the neighbourhood and you like Thai food, I do recommend checking this one out. It’s a bit small, though, so reserve in advance. They have a lot of takeout traffic as well.

And: good dinner choice, Roger!

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Bijenkorf (Or: A look at Bijenkorf’s 2016 Christmas selection)

I am officially posting on my brand new computer! I picked it up on Wednesday night and it looks gorgeous. I have missed being able to easily make blog posts, and now it is even easier – turn on Bluetooth between my iPhone and MacBook, and I can transfer photos without any extra cables! Of course, the move to a Mac has been an interesting one, but that’s what I have Siri for, right? At least she knows where to find various settings…

(Speaking of which, it was very disconcerting to hear a male Siri! That was one of the first things I switched…)

I recently went into Bijenkorf (rather than just staring at their pretty Christmas trees outside) to have a look at their holiday section.


Very contemplative…

Below is a look at some of the Christmas trees on offer. This year (maybe for the first time since I moved here?, they did not have the large Christmas tree near the front of the store). In its place was a Piet hanging from the ceiling. I was not able to get a picture of it, unfortunately.


Say hello to the party tree!


Bijenkorf does like to colour-coordinate their Christmas trees!


A bit too pastel for my tastes, but I can see how others would like it.


Christmas items for purchase at Bijenkorf, The Hague

Until next time!

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Holidays at the Grote Markt (Or: Colorful decorations)

Last week I took some photos of the Christmas trees by the Bijenkorf (a department store). This week I was able to take a few photos of the lights along the Grote Markt street:


The new tear-shaped lights the city put in earlier this year look really nice!

Lights by the entrance:


And a look at the lights in the other direction, towards the movie theater and Primark:


Oh, and today a coworker brought in 12 oliebollen (sorta doughnut-y pastry that is usually made with raisins inside and covered in powdered sugar). They started selling those on November 1st… It is always something to look forward to!

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Here we go (Or: Christmas at Bijenkorf)

Last week Bijenkorf (an upscale department store) put up their Christmas decorations. See for yourself:

They also put the lights up outside of the building (here is a photo from 2013).

In other news – I finally ordered a new computer! As you can see from this photo of a library book, I am switching from PC to Mac.

"Van PC naar Mac" library book
If you ignore that one semester in college using a Mac and QuarkXPress for a student job, it will be my first time using a Mac. And yes, it might be geeky but the book has been helpful explaining the differences in keys and in the dock at the bottom of the screen where all the program icons can be found.

Although I have a few more weeks to wait, the computer can’t come soon enough. I wanted to write this blog post on my netbook, but Chrome errored when I tried to open it. I restarted my computer but it has been stuck on a blue screen which says “getting Windows ready – don’t turn off your computer”. For a half hour. Heh…

Update: it came back after 45 minutes, although Chrome is still erroring. Oh well! That is a problem for another day.

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