Sunshine (Or: Wandering through The Hague)

This past weekend the weather was quite beautiful in The Hague – 15/16C or around 60F. Yesterday Marco and I went for a short walk in the city, past the restaurants which seem to have exploded overnight in terms of outdoor seating, the Grote Kerk (below) and around the Buitenhof before heading back to the Grote Markt street to finish up our grocery shopping at Albert Heijn and charge my OV-chip card – something I do weekly thanks to needing the tram to get to work.

Here is one of the photos I took:

Grote Kerk in Den Haag

Grote Ker, Den Haag

Beautiful blue skies. Good times! And how nice for it to actually happen over the weekend for a change.

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2 thoughts on “Sunshine (Or: Wandering through The Hague)

  1. It was an amazing weekend, wasn’t it? Lovely shot of the Grote Kerk. We spent a lot of time outdoors as well, walking, cycling, working in the garden and even going to a meditation class. The cold that rolled in this morning seemed like a mean trick of nature.

    • Yeah it was annoyingly cold yesterday. And then today after work I just wanted to go jacketless.

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