Missed chances (Or: Expired Ziggo Dome tokens)

Marco showed me two expired Ziggo Dome (English Wikipedia) tokens he still has in his possession. Ziggo Dome is an indoor arena in Amsterdam where a lot of concerts and other events are held. The arena uses a token system, meaning you have to purchase tokens which you can then turn in for food and drink. It is not ideal, especially since the tokens expire relatively quickly…

Case in point: he received these tokens during a Tenacious D concert in February of last year and they are only valid through 31 July 2020. So about five months. In theory this should have been fine as we were going to go to a Pearl Jam concert in July last year, but because of corona that obviously didn’t happen. Oh well.

back side of the tokens

In other news: Dutch to announce new coronavirus measures on Wednesday, curfew possible from It looks like a curfew might be back in the cards although it has been brought up before. Rumors are that it would be from 20:00 to 04:00, but who knows. While the number of corona cases is slowly decreasing, the government is afraid of what the “British” variant could do if it gets the upper hand in this country. However it remains to be seen if there is enough parliamentary support.

In a move that suggests the government’s urgency, the press conference will be held at 13:00 tomorrow instead of the usual 19:00. We shall see.

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You'll Never Walk Alone (Or: Played across Europe)

A few minutes ago a lot of radio stations played You’ll Never Walk Alone by Gerry and the Pacemakers. The original idea to play it this morning at 08:45 came from the Dutch DJ Sander Hoogendoorn from the radio station 3FM. The idea spread first in The Netherlands, and then to all of Europe. Officially 183 European radio stations signed up to the action (article in Dutch), but even the radio station we were listening to (Arrow Classic Rock) played the song at 08:45.

Walk on, walk on
With hope in your heart
And you’ll never walk alone

You’ll never walk alone

The next song Arrow Classic Rock chose was Everybody Needs Somebody from the 1980 film The Blues Brothers. Go Chicago!

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