Browsing (Or: European and American shoe sized compared)

On my last trip to the Netherlands, I quickly found out that the sneakers I bought for the trip just weren’t going to cut it. I go through shoes pretty fast, unfortunately. So Roger took me to a few shoe stores in the Hague, but not before I looked up my shoe size in European terms.

Since I wear a 7 1/2, I figured that I should probably look for a 38. After a few shoe stores, I was able to find a basic white sneaker that didn’t seem too horrible for my feet. Of course, the pair only lasted a week or two after I got back to the States, so it wasn’t the best quality in the world. But I think I only paid €15. (Incidentally, I went clothes shopping with Marco later that week, though I didn’t know my shirt size at all. I ended up with another 38! Bought the shirt at V&D in the Hague.)

Also a random fun memory from that shoe shopping trip: Roger and I went and got Burger King and brought it back to eat. It was nice and quick to order, so that won out.

But back to the shoes… I went to the mall yesterday to get new sneakers. I was pondering getting more black sneakers for my work outfits, but decided against it for now. Marco recommended that I get some new pairs and bring them over unworn to NL so I know I have something that fits. I am starting to think it’s not a bad idea at all.

For the record, I hate shoe shopping. Anything that takes more than 5 minutes of browsing and trying on shoes annoys me. But there’s really only a few styles that won’t kill my feet, so it shouldn’t take that long at all.

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4 thoughts on “Browsing (Or: European and American shoe sized compared)

  1. Shoe shopping has its pluses and minuses. I have no problem shopping for shoes – as almost 90 pair in my closet attest, but the Good Husband. Now that’s another story. He has such trouble getting a good fit it takes days to find one pair of shoes or sneakers. I now refuse to go shopping with him. It’s too stressful. Good luck in finding your right shoes. Virginia

    • Almost 90 pairs! 🙂

      I have… a pair of sneakers (everyday use), a pair of black sneakers for work, a pair of sandals that don’t see much use, and a pair of winter boots that probably should have been thrown out a year ago, but faithfully served me during that annoyingly snowy period two winters ago. 😛

      • Girl I think you need to enlarge your shoe wardrobe. There’s a lot of “what if’s” here. What if you spill bleak on your black work sneakers. What if your winter boots loose a heel, what if that cat with attitude runs off with your everyday sneakers. Oh dear.. Niki… take care. Virginia

  2. Marco

    Oh boy, Virginia.. You do realize that I get to be the one who has to follow her around and carry all the bags and boxes with new shoes she’s going to buy right? 🙂

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