Underfoot (Or: Neighborhood cat)

I finally got a good picture of the neighborhood cat that I see hanging around.

Just like his yellow coat, he has dark yellow eyes. He doesn’t seem that shy.

The first time I saw him, he was on the nearby sidewalk in front of this house. Half his body was on the grass, facing the house. Most of his tail was on the sidewalk, out straight. I think he was stalking something, since he didn’t move at all. I almost tripped over his tail before I noticed something “yellow” on the sidewalk.

The second time, he darted in front of me from the road across the same sidewalk towards the house – not even a foot away from me. Yeesh!

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4 thoughts on “Underfoot (Or: Neighborhood cat)

  1. This looks like a cat with attitude. Virginia

    • Definitely. He isn’t afraid of you, so he doesn’t move. I think he likes to freak me out, since he is constantly appearing from nowhere to make me jump. ;p

  2. Think he is part of the pearl river cat mafia?

    • Well, he doesn’t make that nervous, so probably not. 😉 I give the Pearl River cats a wide berth. 😛

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