Power (Or: The start of blackness)

(Let’s do a double post…)

So, about 10 minutes ago my power flickered for the first time, but did not go off completely. It flickered again a few minutes later. But for now, I do have power… At least it was nice and waited to start flickering until about 2 minutes after I ended the videochat with Marco!

There really isn’t a lot of rain in these parts. Maybe 2 or 3 inches. We will also escape the worst of the wind (being in the lower Hudson Valley).

A lot of things are closed by now in NY and NJ. For example, the stock exchange, Holland tunnel, the Brooklyn-Battery tunnel. In terms of public transportation – all subway, buses, and trains. NJ Transit won’t be running today or tomorrow. The Port Authority is not running any public or private buses. Some of the bridges (such as the George Washington bridge) are scheduled to close in the next hour or two.

Some random news stories:

A crane has come loose and is dangling 75 stories above New York City in midtown. Evacuations have begun to happen – including the evacuation of a large hotel.

The HMS Bounty replica ship (shown in some movies, including “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” sinks off the coast of North Carolina. 14 of 16 crewman are rescued – 2 remain missing.

Rescues had to be done off Long Island’s Fire Island (south of Long Island) – one of the first places to see a mandatory evacuation order. About 140 people stayed behind and ignored the orders to evacuate. Of those, 14 had to be rescued a few hours ago.

Now let’s hope the power cooperates and I don’t lose it. Hrm.

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2 thoughts on “Power (Or: The start of blackness)

  1. Stay safe!!!

  2. The crane looks freaky moving in the storm.

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