Hurricane Sandy (Or: I am spared)

[Note: I am absolutely fine. I lost power from 8:30pm to 3:30am, but that’s it. The winds have really died down. Though I will admit to being a bit afraid at times last night around dinner, since the wind was so loud.]

With that said..

Holy crap. Maybe I should have just stayed in bed. Poor New York City. 😦

Here’s a quick rundown link of everything I missed while asleep.


pictures of the HMS Bount ship sinking (image 1, image 2)

pictures of a lone carousel (lights still on) surrounded by flood waters. As this was taken hours ago it is almost definitely gone. It’s in Brooklyn. Here’s a reference picture taken a while back (on Wikipedia) to understand why it’s now underwater.

waters entering a PATH station through an elevator shaft (subway will be out of service for at least 4 days)

Latest word was 6.5 million without electricity.

*                                      *                                  *                                         *

Obviously I haven’t really been outside. But I did take one picture, as a way of comparison. Eight days ago I posted a picture of the beautiful red leaves on the tree right outside my door.

Admittedly some of the leaves had already fallen off, but now it just looks sad. I took this last night as the darkness stared.

I also wasn’t expecting the noise of the wind when I opened the door long enough to take this picture. And the extra bit of strength I had to give to close the door again!

Not sure if I can try the sleep thing again, as I am wide awake. But we’ll see.

Need to send this. Power flickered again…

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2 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy (Or: I am spared)

  1. We have been thinking about you, and so happy to see your post Niki. Virginia

    • Thanks… things are returning to normal here, though the lines at the gas station are very long. Thankfully not something I personally need, though.

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