zondag (Or: Graduations and soap box trials)

Today (zondag/Sunday) is my college’s graduation. Since I am an administrator, I am expected to go. Not only go, but walk, and wear a cap and gown, and. . .

Anyway, I thought you would enjoy a picture of (some of) it, though keep in mind I generally don’t pull it out of its bag to get the wrinkles out. It doesn’t seem to make too much of a difference to me.

The cap and gown I will wear, with the rules for properly showing off the academic hood (the part that hangs behind you).

The red is for Rutgers University, where I got my Masters. The yellow is for the type of Masters I received (Library science). I don’t have a PhD or doctorate, so I do not have the fancy robes you might see.

Also today was the soap box derby trials, where you race little cars down a big hill. Over and over and over. They block off the main road every year for this. I took a few pictures:

The hill they ride down. You can barely see it, but where the guy is standing is where the finish line is. The rest of the space is just for you to slow down (though the cars should have brakes).

A view of the soap box derby cars themselves, with a new race about to begin.

I don’t have any experience or knowledge of these. My brother raced mini cars in the pine wood derby when he was in Boy Scouts, though.

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3 thoughts on “zondag (Or: Graduations and soap box trials)

  1. Marco

    Overheard in my own head earlier: “Booo. I’ve never seen a soap car race here.” (five second pause) “Wait..we don’t have any hills to do them….”

  2. Yes, I allways thought it would be sooooo nice if we had this in holland too. but marco is right; we don’t have hills. 😦

  3. Oh, and the graduations costume thing, is also something i am a it jealous of! that is so nice!

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