Chocolate and tea! (Or: De Beukelaer penny wafel)

It’s always time for chocolate! While at a friend’s house earlier this week I had tea with chocolate. In this case, the chocolate was a “penny wafel” from De Beukelaer, probably only found in Belgium.

Penny wafel wrapper from Belguim

Penny wafel from Belguim

Of course, they don’t taste quite the same as the sugar wafers I remember from my childhood — available in vanilla, strawberry and chocolate, although those awesomely nostalgic wafers tasted of artificial, sickeningly sweet goodness. Most of the taste was “sugar” rather than “wafer”.

It’s probably good I prefer these Belgium versions now…

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4 thoughts on “Chocolate and tea! (Or: De Beukelaer penny wafel)

  1. Marek

    BRAND = LU (Belgium), Made in Mondelez in Czech republic from original ingredients, but still looks like it is madE in Belgium as you can see on the cover.. yes this is EU 🙂

  2. den roberts

    How do I order this Penny Wafel?
    And is it the same as the De Beukelaer wafers that came in a box of about 20, and the top of the box had a little boy dressed in blue wearing a hat and carrying a box of the wafers?

    • Hi! To be honest I don’t remember how the outer package looked as it was something a friend bought in Belgium and brought back to NL. I just have the two photos you see in this post. But according to Google some possible websites to buy it (10x) are or, a Belgian site. I hope that helps a tiny bit! The few I was gifted were delicious.

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