1 cent (Or: A very tiny euro coin)

I must admit that in the 9 or so months I have been in the Netherlands, I have never seen a 1 euro cent piece, much less used one.

But a few days ago I found one:

1 and 5 euro cent pieces and a quarter

1 euro cent, 5 euro cents, and an American quarter (25 cents), for size comparison

It was actually in my wallet, of all places. I guess I was given it as change. It’s quite possible that I received it while I was in Dublin’s airport waiting for the flight home.  It’s actually quite tiny – much smaller than the euro 5 cent piece.

But I’ve never seen it in use in the Netherlands. I’ve seen a few signs saying that it isn’t accepted at certain stores, but that’s the only reference to it. The reason the 1 cent piece isn’t used here is because when you pay with cash, the prices are rounded up or down to the nearest 5 cents. If you use your debit card, then you pay the exact price.

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5 thoughts on “1 cent (Or: A very tiny euro coin)

  1. I’ve been giventhem as change in Amsterdam. I’m not really sure what to do withthem, so I have mine ina jar on the windowsill. When the jar is full, I’ll take it to the bank 🙂

    • I hope that is the last one that I see, but I doubt it. 😉 They don’t seem to be that popular in The Hague, at least at the places I go…

  2. We have so many 1 & 2 cent pieces! Besides trying to figure out quirky nicknames that never catch on for them, we have no idea what to do with them…buy ice cream?

  3. I was going through an old box of odds and ends that I brought with me and came across a few 1 cent coins mixed in with some other coins from other countries. I think the ones I have are left over from a trip to Italy during the official change to the euro. I don’t think I’ve received any since actually living here.

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