Cuteness factor (Or: Duck nests and goslings)

A few weeks ago my parents noticed that there was a duck hanging around the house. Sensing what was about to happen, Mom tried to shoo it away. But it was to no avail – the duck made her choice and the nest was made.

Here is her nest. I am surprised so many eggs could fit in one duck… The nest is right up against the house, underneath a bench (which is the wood piece you see here).

Last I heard a few days ago, the eggs have not hatched yet. Of course it’s not so much that my parents are against the idea of little ducklings in the yard. Our dog is older, slow, and probably a bit blind. So she pretty much ignores the mother. (And hopefully the duck keeps ignoring the dog, or I will fly home and make sure it wishes it had! I have a soft spot for Oreo, our dog.)

It’s more the factor of what other wildlife gets into our fenced in yard. Every week or two, a cat is spied lounging on the deck. So it’ll be a miracle if all of them survive – but that’s why the duck lays so many!

Not to be out done, Marco’s aunt and uncle also have their own newly hatched birds…

Cute little goslings in the Netherlands

Here are two little goslings who are exploring their yard. His aunt and uncle spent a lot of time and effort fixing up their home and surrounding land, which is in the country. Having spent the rest of my time in the Netherlands staying in cities, it was a bit of a shock to see what the Dutch countryside looked like.

But it was very peaceful and relaxing. And amusing when a chicken waddled past hoping that none of us would notice that it was about to get into the home through the open back door… but we noticed. Poor chicken didn’t get to explore the inside!

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6 thoughts on “Cuteness factor (Or: Duck nests and goslings)

  1. And isn’t that a fabulous shade of duck egg blue!! I would love to have ducks or geese just wandering around the garden. Unfortunately we have coyotes and they would be their meal. Virginia

    • My parents have coyotes too, though we’ve never seen one in the yard itself. But on the other side of the fence, yes. The problem is that the other side of the fence is a large, sprawling field with protected wild grass (you’re not allowed to mow it or anything) which is perfect for hiding coyotes.

      The howling from the adults, and the pups as well, is a bit unnerving at times.

      • Yes it is rather unnerving Niki. This morning there were three young coyotes twenty feet from our backyard patio. They serve a purpose here. They keep the rat population down. However, I would prefer if they also stayed in the deep grasses. Virginia

  2. Marco

    The whole notion about coyotes roaming the back yard sounds so insane to me. The largest and most ferocious wild animal we have in the Netherlands is probably a badger or something like that. πŸ™‚

    It’s big news when a wolf escapes. And obviously because we’re a small country it’s news everywhere instantly πŸ™‚
    I know there’s rumors of some escaped wild cat, possibly a panther on the “Veluwe” (large park near the middle of the country, but I don’t recall if they were ever debunked or not. It might be our own bigfoot myth πŸ˜‰

    Anyways, cute pictures! Didn’t the mother duck throw up a fit when your parents took those pictures?
    And the goslings (hah, never knew that was the word for tiny little geese) are cute.

    We should mention that the latest thing I heard from my mom on the goslings and their survival is that my uncle is keeping watch to make sure the crows and other predators stay away πŸ™‚

  3. Margriet Brouwer

    How nice to see our little ones on your blog, they are still there and growing fast. I wonder why the Dutch countryside was a shock to you? Maybe still a bit crowded.

    • Well, it was mainly your house. Keep in mind the only other places I have visited have been apartments. And let’s just say I loved your house and thought it was beautiful. πŸ˜‰

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