Crazy Dutchies (Or: More Euro 2012 decorations)

I think I’ve made it obvious with this blog that I like sports! I am very willing to start following voetbal if it means I get to keep watching live sports without worrying about the time zone difference.

Here’s a recent picture that Marco took of some local decorations.

The sign says “C’mon you Dutch lions”. Sounds sort of negative in English, like you expect that they will not win, but it might just be worded oddly…

Here’s a picture that used to show the insane passion that some Dutch have for their voetbal team:

So insane, but awesome at the same time. Note: this is a picture taken off the Internet. Click the image itself to get a larger version.

It’s so… oranje! If that isn’t prepared for the Euro 2012 Championship, I don’t know what is. Even the worker is wearing orange.

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3 thoughts on “Crazy Dutchies (Or: More Euro 2012 decorations)

  1. Marco

    I think that might actually be someone living there 🙂

    So…after we win *cough*lol*suuuure… I wonder if they will then focus their Orange power onto the Olympics. Probably not, even though we usually win a medal in FIELDhockey.. so maybe that should be our #1 sport? 🙂

  2. Ha! Yes, well, this is typical dutch Niki. It is very nice but sometimes it get’s a little bit too much for mee. In shops the people who work there, were orange clothes, orange hats, we have oranje hits c.d’s (awfull music!!!) and so on. But since I am dutch, I always have something to complain… 🙂 🙂 See you soon NIki, bye bye!!

    • I never would have thought I would talk about the color orange so much… until I met Marco and the Netherlands. 😉 Hope you are well!

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