Vrijdagen (Or: Chili, voetbal and videochats)

It’s been a rather relaxing Friday. I went to Shoprite to get some ingredients for chili. It’s been a while since I have fired up the crock pot. The only thing better is pasta at Marco’s. Good times. But there’s nothing like letting chili slow cook for hours. When you come home and open the door, the entire apartment smells like chili…

I made it a point to watch the opening of the Euro 2012, so I saw the game between Poland and Greece, including both red cards. Crazy ref! It was a good game – and ending in a tie seemed so apt somehow. I watched about half of the 2nd game, though at some point I went into my bedroom to have a videochat with Marco (to celebrate the joys of Fridays!).

There’s still some stuff I need to do tonight – cut up the peppers and onion for the chili, perhaps heat up the ground beef and onions in advance. But hopefully everything gets done at a sane hour so I can relax for the rest of the night with a good drink – probably a caipirinha since I did pick up some limes and lime juice at the store. You can never have too many limes.

Of course, I could just stop and stare at the latest Simpsons episode instead, which happens to be a Treehouse of Horror episode…

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4 thoughts on “Vrijdagen (Or: Chili, voetbal and videochats)

  1. Jim

    I hope your using Marco’s tasty chili recipe

    • Actually he used my recipe! But I can see why you would be confused, considering I had no inclination to cook anything while I was living at home 😛

  2. Nikki, it’s 5:30 pm here in Vancouver, and I’m starving. I long for wonderful, spicy chili, and since the seldom seen sun is out 0 – an ice cold cervaza. Oh yes, and big hunks of cornbread hot from the oven. Sublime. Bon Appetit. Virginia

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