Paleistuin (Or: Quiet gardens to relax within)

During my last visit to the Hague, Marco took me someplace in the Hague that I had never been to before. (Not hard considering I have only been there three times!) But it was a garden area – Paleistuin to be exact, or the Palace Gardens.

Paleis Noordeinde - one of the working palaces of Queen Beatrix

The garden is open from sunrise to sunset. It is a very relaxing place to be, usually. Since it is so close to the Noordeinde Palace, you will come across police officers every once in a while. Who of course can be fascinating to stare at for a few minutes, except that you don’t want to stick out and get into trouble… I do remember there was a pair guarding the entrance to the palace as we walked past it.

Playground area for the little ones

Here is a playground area within the garden. One of my memories of this park was a little girl, maybe 3 or so years old. She was very independent, and was frequently far away from her parents (even at times out of their line of sight). They seemed oddly okay with this fact. But she was quite happy, skipping along the path and running this way and that.

a pond within the Paleistuin

verboden te vissen – Fishing is forbidden

verboden te zwemmen – Swimming is forbidden

…Just in case you were getting any ideas.

I also remember sitting on some steps with Marco, just resting for a while and staring at the pond above. Watching the ducks swim around, looking for handouts from unsuspecting humans.

Definitely a place to visit again. With Marco. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Paleistuin (Or: Quiet gardens to relax within)

  1. mmunchkin74

    Fun fact #1 : In all my 37+ years of living in The Hague I don’t think I have ever been inside the walls of the Paleistuinen although i must have walked past them hundreds of times.

    Fun fact #2 : Once after a schoolfeest we were walking past the outside walls of the paleistuinen and one of my friends (intoxicated or not, who knows) dropped his keys on the sidewalk. It was fall and there were lots of leaves on the sidewalk so 3 or 4 of us (intoxicated or not, who knows) were left scrambling on the sidewalk trying to find the keys…

    Those are my most memorable memories of the Paleistuinen.
    So when you have moved here you’d better take me on a tour of the actual gardens Niki!

    • So. Don’t leave us hanging dude!
      Did you ever find the keys?

      • mmunchkin74

        I sure hope so!! I don’t really recall that clearly but I am sure we must have found them..

  2. Paleistuin sounds very interesting. We spent our time in Vondel Park (within walking distance to our apartment). Nothing was verboden in Vondel Park as long as you didn’t frighten the horses.

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