Weekend plans (Or: Everyone’s Irish)

Here we are again– another post which mentions with glee that today is Friday. Though this week has been one of the more harsher ones, with my teaching 6 library classes and 2 workshops over 4 days (the professor brings the class in and I talk about some good library resources to use for their assignment). Thankfully today was the down day, a bit quieter.

So I am definitely looking forward to waking up after the sun rises tomorrow, rather than before. Still undecided if I will donate blood on Tuesday on campus. Last time I did my already low blood pressure plummeted and they kept me for an extra 45 minutes. (It’s more a question of whether I can get away from the library than whether or not I want to. I do.)

The biggest plans for this weekend includes a St. Patrick’s Day parade. It is held in a small New York town which is expecting up to 100,000 viewers thanks to the nice weather this area will be having. According to this article, that is 7 times the size of the town itself! Since it is the 50th anniversary they are expecting an even bigger crowd than normal. The parade is the 2nd largest in the state, only dwarfed by the annual NYC parade which is held tomorrow. If I can, I will try and take some pictures.

I can also feel that I am slowly starting to pay more attention to the March Madness basketball tournaments, partially because it is preempting the shows that I do want to watch. I am definitely a fan of the underdog teams. Unfortunately my Alma Mater (Valpo) did not make it in, as they inexplicably lost to Detroit.

Amusing 2011 parade memory: I first made a stop at the town’s gas station to pick up some Combos snacks for Marco, who was (and is again) arriving in a few weeks. 19 days to be exact…. Of course his latest American snack addiction is a hot-wing flavored pretzel.

It should be an interesting weekend, though my biggest goal is to try and sleep in a bit tomorrow. ;p


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One thought on “Weekend plans (Or: Everyone’s Irish)

  1. Everyone becomes Irish – at least for this one day. It’s a wonderful reason to wear green and drink green beer!

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