d, t, or dt? (Or: B2 Dutch course #25)

I did not take many notes for last night’s course, although I did take a picture of one of the exercise sheets we were given:

conjugating Dutch verbs T or D exercise

It looks pretty simple but there are some tricky parts to these. The point of the exercise is to determine if the verb ends in -t (present tense), -d (present perfect tense) or -dt (could be either).

1. Ik hoop maar dat hij alles vertelt.

The trick with this one is realizing that the dependent clause (dat hij alles vertelt) is in the present tense, so you cannot use the kofschip rule. If you are not sure which it is, you can always try replacing the verb (vertellen) with a simpler verb like doen and see how you would conjugate that.

2. Je moet wel doen wat je belooft.

Again, the dependent clause is in the present tense so it is a simple -t.

3. Ik hoorde dat hij een vermogen verdient. (Same as above – present tense.)

4. Met haar heb ik heel veel beleefd.

Here is a trick – the original verb is beleven, but the v turns into an f in some tenses. However, since it is in the perfectum you can use the kofschip rule linked to above. In that case, you still need to use the v to determine what the ending is, not the f. Because of this, the verb ends in -d (since there is no ‘v’ in kofschip). If that does not make sense to you because you don’t live in the Netherlands, please forgive me. ;p

5. Is de post nu weer verkeerd bezorgd?

The tense is perfectum (present perfect) so you look at the last letter of the root verb (g). Since ‘g’ is not in kofschip, the verb ends with a -d.

The exercise is harder than it looks… apparently even native Dutch speakers can have trouble with the d/t/dt conundrum.

Just for fun, here is a random picture from a garden in The Hague, taken a few weeks ago:

bare tree in April, The Hague

And now Marco and I are off to check out the Life I Live festival in The Hague. Seeya!

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2 thoughts on “d, t, or dt? (Or: B2 Dutch course #25)

  1. I must admit… I’m so jealous of all the Dutch you’re learning in the Hague! I’ve lived in Hilversum for 2 weeks now and it’s so difficult to find a Dutch course… apparently I’m going to have to wait until September for a group course!! Crazy. Think I may have to take a different approach in the meantime, private lessons or something. I can’t wait 5 months 😦 In the meantime… thanks for your posts. Still working my way through them:)

    • Sorry to hear about the lack of Dutch courses! It’s always more difficult when it is nearing summertime again. Of course it is more helpful to live in The Hague for this sort of thing.

      Don’t forget about your local library (says the librarian). Even if it means raiding the children’s section for materials, which I did in the beginning. I also watched a lot of Dutch tv for kids… Maybe also check and see if there are any free apps for learning Dutch, especially geared towards kids in the beginning?

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