O’Hare airport (Or: “Skies the Limit” tunnel)

My flight from O’Hare to Newark took off from terminal 1, concourse C of O’Hare airport. That meant that I had to walk underneath the tarmac from concourse B to C. The tunnel has two long walking escalators, above which is an art installation by Michael Hayden called “Skies the Limit“.

Installed in 1987, it is composed of 466 neon light tubes which are white on both ends and a rainbow of colors in the middle. The lights turn on and off randomly in time with music by George Gershwin, whose Rhapsody in Blue (YouTube) was adopted as United Airlines theme in the 60s.

YouTube video, with the United Airlines theme music in the background.

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One thought on “O’Hare airport (Or: “Skies the Limit” tunnel)

  1. Henny

    Niki, I like the Rhapsody in Blue.

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