Courgette curry (And: A very special beer)

Today’s dinner was a very lovely courgette curry which I stole from Albert Heijn recipe section. We’re trying to eat less meat this week, and I think this recipe different hit the mark:

And I now realize my American readers might be slightly confused: courgette is zucchini. Courgette is more often used in French and British English, while zucchini is used in American English. But since I didn’t really cook with zucchini when I lived in the States, it will forever be courgette for me.

The beer… ah, yes, the beer. That is a gift from a coworker. It’s a beer from a brewery here in The Hague. Eiber is another word for stork, which is also featured in The Hague’s crest of arms. This beer was brewed in honor of the beer makers’ daughter, born in March. See a photo of her at And it is tasty! Marco and I were thrilled with this gift.

In other news:

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2 thoughts on “Courgette curry (And: A very special beer)

  1. Thank you for the recipe idea. I have so many courgettes in my garden at the moment and I don’t know what to do with them

    • It was quite tasty. We divided the recipe in two but added rice as you can see (specifically basmati rice). We were a bit worried that it wouldn’t have enough moisture, but it really picked up when we added the tomatoes in. We’ll probably add it into the rotation; it was nice to have a dinner without meat for a change. Of course my husband is already thinking of ways to make it even better in the future! haha.

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