Former glory (Or: Repainting of the Chinatown gate in The Hague)

The Chinatown gate in The Hague’s city centre has been repainted, a task first mentioned in a blog post from June. Here is the end result:

This is the Chinatown gate near Bijenkorf. Unfortunately the other one is not scheduled to be repainted at this time. Perhaps because that would require closing a street to cars? Not sure.

There was also a small crisis averted yesterday: Marco and I were almost out of coffee, with only one pack left. Luckily Albert Heijn had a deal: buy 2 packs, get 2 packs free. Score! Coffee is one of those things I can’t imagine paying full price for, since we’ve now gotten into a pattern of stocking up just enough until the next good sale.

In other news:

  • It’s Tuesday, so the Dutch health ministry released the weekly COVID-19 statistics (from There were 8 deaths and 16 hospitalizations reported in the last week, although some might have occurred before last week. A slight worrying point is the rise in positive cases: 534 compared to 432 last week.
  • Another addition at a Dutch zoo, this time a red panda (complete with short video), from If you can read Dutch or your Google translate is up for the task, there’s also an article on about possible names for the giant panda baby born a few months ago.
  • Here is a picture from Reddit of the Neowise comet, taken in the east of the Netherlands. Bonus: it also features a windmill.
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