Street food Vietnamese style (Or: Viet Street in The Hague)

Just before Christmas Marco, Roger and I decided to try out a new food place in The Hague. Well, Marco – being the adventurous soul he is – had already visited it during lunch one Friday and brought back the good news to us.

In late October a Vietnamese street food restaurant with the name of Viet Street opened. It sounded delicious so Roger and I quickly agreed to try it out. We decided to go there for a late lunch before seeing Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse at the movies (which was awwwwwesome).

Because we were not sure about the portion sizes we ordered some spring rolls to split as a starter, although I didn’t snag a photo of those. Marco and Roger both got Vietnamese pancakes (stuffed with shrimp and/or pork belly, if I remember correctly) with the usual added veggies on the side. You open up your pancake and throw them in as needed.

Vietnamese pancake time

I went for a Vietnamese chicken curry sandwich which definitely hit the spot:

The only odd thing about this sandwich was that I felt like a rabbit eating it, with all that coriander piled in. Still tasty, but I found it hard biting through the stems and ended up pulling about half off. (You can also ask for no coriander or less coriander, of course.)

The style of the room and the artwork was also beautiful:

I love the burst of color this provided above our table.

All in all this restaurant has my recommendation if you are into Vietnamese street food. You can either eat your food there (as we did) or you can order takeout and be on our way. If you work in the area, maybe surprise some of your colleagues with a delicious lunch, hmmm?

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6 thoughts on “Street food Vietnamese style (Or: Viet Street in The Hague)

  1. It looks delicious.

  2. minim mama

    Gaan we een keer eten met zijn 3tjes .

  3. Love their pho and Coffee and Will now def go back to try the pancake!

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