Errands (Or: Preparing for the big move)

My stay in the suburbs of Chicago was pretty nice. It wasn’t as smooth a plane ride as it was on the way over, but it was quick and I managed to get an earlier train than I could have hoped for otherwise to get home.

If you’re looking for a more relaxed day to fly after Thanksgiving, I do heartily recommend the day after. Security was about 5 minutes (only delayed because they had to re-calibrate the machine) and the plane was barely one third full.

Today’s errands included:

1. closing out my credit card with Chase bank completely.

2. changing the address for my bank account and debit card. I am going to keep it open for at least three more years, as I will be paying my student loans off from that account. I have Marco’s address memorized, thanks to the postcard blitz in June and July.

3. Wandering down to the dentist to confirm my appointment for this coming Thursday. I am cutting it a bit close to the moving date (in terms of getting a reimbursement for the insurance payment), but I am not sure exactly when I will be able to get a new dentist in NL.

Random moment: I was sitting in my apartment this morning and I heard a key being slid into the lock for my front door. It turned out to be my landlady, who didn’t realize I had returned from Chicago already. She was bringing a potential tenant (an older woman) over to show her the apartment.  I was glad I hadn’t messed up the place too much when I arrived last night…

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