Dordrecht (Or: A walking tour of the city)

Marco and I took the day off on Friday and we decided to visit Dordrecht, a small town outside of Rotterdam (the credit goes to Marco for the idea of what to do).

partial map of the Netherlands

Dordrecht, just under the red “Zuid Holland”

It is about 35 to 40 minutes by train traveling from The Hague. We did a walking tour of the city (Rondje Dordt – page in Dutch) which was about 3km long and showed the sights of the city.

Here are some of the photographs that we took along the way:

Holland Spoor train station platform

Photograph of Holland Spoor, one of the two train stations in The Hague

statue Dordrecht

A statue of Johan de Witt (standing) and his brother Cornelis de Witt (sitting). Bother brothers were murdered by the House of Orange.

canals in Dordrecht

canals of Dordrecht

Street in Dordrecht, the Netherlands

typical Dutch street in Dordrecht. Note the building on the left which is leaning forward – many builds have this “quirk”.

trees in front of a Dutch church

Grote Kerk (“Large church” also known as “Church of Our Lady”) in Dordrecht. It is the largest church in the city and was built in 1470 (started in 1339).

blue tile roof in the Netherlands

What can I say? I like the color blue. These blue roof tiles can found near the Blauwpoortsplein.

Groothoofdspoort with relief of Dordrecht maiden

Groothoofdspoort, including an image of a Dordrecht maiden holding a palm branch in one hand and the city shield in the other.

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