Birthdays (Or: A flood of cards)

Today is Marco’s birthday! (Well, technically due to the time zone differences it’s already over for him.) But I had some fun with my scheming…

In early June I got the idea to send him lots of cards in advance of his birthday. Someone I knew back in the day mentioned sending cards to a friend of his: one for each of her years (thankfully I think she was only 18-20 years old) to surprise her.

When I first had the idea, I didn’t know how many cards it would end up being. First I went to Shoprite and picked up some cards, with a mix between birthday and non-birthday. That same weekend I went to the mall, and got some more. I ended up with 6 non-birthday cards and 4 birthday cards. About halfway through I went back to Shoprite and supplemented that with another 3 non-birthday cards, for the eventual total of 13. And when I get an idea I try to go all out… each card had both sides filled out with smallish letters to fit more in.

Marco thought the first card was just random. After the second card arrived, I told him I wanted to surprise him by sending a second one right after. After the third card arrived, I said I found a 3-for-1 deal.

After the fourth card, he started expecting them! 🙂

Here is a list of dates (either written or mailed):

Card 1: June 6 (had the day off… and the World Cup was almost just starting! Back before any Dutch hopes were dashed.)

Card 2: unknown, Card 3: unknown, Card 4: June 17

Card 5: June 22, Card 6: June 27, Card 7: July 1

Card 8: July 5, Card 9: July 12

Card 10-13: July 14, July 15, July 16, July 17

Average turn around time for this international mail project was 4-5 business days. It was nice.

What I did in the end was send out the first 6 non-birthday cards, buy 3 more (as mentioned above), and then save the four birthday cards for today, July 25. I stacked the last four so that they would one day apart of each other – though I think #3 and #4 arrived together. That was okay.

The first 5 cards. My favorite one is on the far right, though you can’t see it very well. It says “Love” on it, and I like the sea blue-green color..

Birthday card #1: “open the morning of your birthday”

Birthday card #2: “open during lunch on your birthday”

Birthday card #3: “open after work on your birthday”

Birthday card #4: “open sometime during our videochat on your birthday”

Of those, the second birthday card was my favorite. Because I spent all morning one Sunday (July 15) writing out the card in Dutch! First I typed out what I wanted to say in English, then translated it to Dutch, then I wrote it by hand in the card itself.

Marco helpfully said he would critique my word order and tense issues this weekend. 😛

(Joking… first he gushed about the card a lot and hours later offered to help explain the mistakes. Which I do approve of!)

It was a fun little project and easier to do thanks to it being summer. I am sure I am keeping Marco’s mailman in business all by myself.

Gelukkige verjaardag, Marco!

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2 thoughts on “Birthdays (Or: A flood of cards)

  1. Gelukkige Verjaarday Marco. May the rest of you year be filled with happiness and joy. Virginia

  2. Marco

    Thank you, thank you. Today (thursday) I get to write MY side of the “card saga” 🙂

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