Music (Or: A scene carefully sketched out)

Near the train station in Delft, you might find yourself near this mural, on the side of a random building, in a random place.

A musical mural found in Delft

Although most of the mural is done in black and white, accentuated by the shadowy tree limbs, one can also find rare glimpses of yellow. The most predominant encircles the lamp on the left side, but the glow of night can be seen from most of the windows on the left side of the mural. A figure (Charlie Chaplin-esque) hangs from the middle street lamp. Three lions in the lower right – one with a paraplu* (umbrella), one coming from the garbage can, and another on top of the garbage can lid.

Note also the rider on their fiets (bike) talking to someone else.

* = I love the Dutch word paraplu. I have heard about the Paraplu restaurant in the Hague, but have not yet visited it. Soon…

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3 thoughts on “Music (Or: A scene carefully sketched out)

  1. Roger

    Thats a great wall painting. I think I recognize it as a scene from the movie ‘Singing in the Rain’, starring Gene Kelly. I have never really seen the movie but the actual singing in the rain scene is or used to be quite famous.

    here’s a link to a still from it with the charactaristic standing on a lamppost thing going on :

    Just a little bit of useless background info… *smile*

    I am not sure what the bottom half signifies though on the wall painting.

    And yeah, you will enjoy eating at the ‘Paraplu’ soon enough!

  2. Marco

    Here I thought it would be about that “festival” we went to at the Spuiplein.
    You know, where there was hardly an audience tho there was a carousel 🙂

    But yeah, I think Roger is right, that does look like Singing in the rain.

    And no doubt we will visit ‘Paraplu’ at some point, it’s not far away from where WE will live. Before we go there, we shall visit the greek place though 🙂

  3. I love that the ends/sides of so many buildings here feature these unexpected works of art. Some of them are really quite amazing and beautiful.

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