Milestones (Or: 200 posts)

I can’t believe it’s been 200 days since I started this blog. Back on a cold day in early January! The year is quickly coming closer to an end, though there is still a lot of road left to travel, it seems.

The three top posts so far:

A chance meeting (Or: American present, Dutch future) – the story of how Marco and I met in person.

Dutch televisie (Or: Soaking up some Dutch) – various useful television shows you can watch online, usually with Dutch subtitles.

Crazy Dutchies (Or: More Euro 2012 decorations) – Orange, orange, orange. What more can I say?

Top commenter so far:

Bel’ Occhio (a poster living south of Vancouver), with posts of gorgeous flowers, maple walnut cookies, and Chronicles of Oswald, gentleman rabbit. It’s a pretty diverse blog!

Who knows what the next 200 posts will bring. Hopefully more sports recaps from Marco, with the Olympics coming up! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Milestones (Or: 200 posts)

  1. Niki of course I had to click the like button. I’m blushing. So is Oswald. The tips of his large ears have turned bright pink. Virginia

  2. Gratz on the 200 posts!!! Thou rawketh!!

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