Dutch televisie (Or: Soaking up some Dutch)

I am looking forward to a day off this Thursday hopefully. Of course, I have to get through tomorrow first! The weather does not look that promising, but it could be worse.

Lately I have begun to watch some television shows, as mentioned in a previous post. Here are a few that I have already started watching (met ondertitels = with Dutch subtitles. Look for the ‘T’ in the lower right of the video):

Het Klokhuis – (The apple core) – an educational program for teenagers, about 15 minutes. (met ondertitels)

Lingo – A game show originally from America where the contestants had to guess and spell words. It also has a bingo-like component. So it is good for letter pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary and numbers.

That’s the Question – Originally from the Netherlands, this is a good game show for learning vocabulary and learning how to ask questions.

Other programs that have been recommended to me:

Spangas – a group of high school students and their life at school (met ondertitels)
Freek op Safari – children’s program with a safari theme (met ondertitels)
Puberruil Z@pp – I think this is a show about two teens who switch lives for a few weeks, with two new teens every episode. (met ondertitels)

A note on subtitles which I learned last week: if the “T” says ‘deze aflevering is TT888 ondertiteled’, that only works with the Teletext option on the actual Dutch television, not through the internet.  Pity.


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