Accordions (Or: Playing in The Hague)

On my way home yesterday from Albert Heijn, I saw some gentlemen playing instruments:

accordion player in The Hague

Along with the accordionist, there was also a saxophone player, but he is pretty hidden.

Just in front of the accordionist, you can also see a pigeon. They are attracted by a local fish market and usually have fierce competition for food with the seagulls who come in from the nearby sea.

As you can see, the ice and snow finallllly melted around here. The temperature rose to about 40F (4C) on Sunday and hasn’t looked back since. Of course, the rain all day Sunday definitely helped. But for now I have said goodbye to my snow boots and put my sneakers back on!

It’s always interesting to walk the streets. Today I was stopped by someone trying to sell local newspapers. When I explained that I didn’t know that much Dutch*, he stated that he was trying to sell a newspaper but it only came in Dutch, so it wouldn’t be that useful for me, but would I give him a bit of spare change anyway?

* = I will only be able to use that excuse for so long, as Invader Stu mentions. I already have that particular phrase pretty perfected…

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