Celebrations (Or: My VVR has arrived)

Today I checked the mailbox after coming back from the library. I noticed another letter from the IND. My VVR (identification card) was ready for pick up! Twenty days after the appointment with the IND – not too bad.

So I took a trip to Stadhoudersplein 24 (where the main IND/Gemeente offices are in The Hague) to pick up my identification card. I am now 100% legal and have an official address in the Netherlands. Most amusingly, the back of the card has Marco’s name on it, as he is my registered partner.

To celebrate, Marco and I went to Athene Palace, a Greek restaurant in The Hague which I have blogged about before. This time I had #102 (Rhodosschotel), which has lamb chops, chicken filet, souflaki and gyros.

Athene Palace in Den Haag 2

As is the typical Dutch tradition, afterwards we had a cup of coffee (cappuccino for Marco).

Athene Palace in Den Haag

And near the end of the meal, the conversation switched to our upcoming wedding later this year. Offiicially we couldn’t do much stuff with the wedding until now, as I needed to be an official resident of The Hague.

But now it is time for wedding talk… it’s happening!

Athene Palace in Den Haag 3


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One thought on “Celebrations (Or: My VVR has arrived)

  1. Awesome!!!! *CHEER* Gratz milady!!

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