Dutch apps (Or: Building blocks for the blog)

Today I added a new page for the blog: Dutch apps. It has always been my goal to create different pages across the top of the screen (look in the upper right near ‘About’) that talk about different Dutch things – language, moving, daily living, etc.

These are the apps that I use on my iTouch, mainly to help me learn the Dutch language. Here’s a sample:

DutchWord (Apple) –

This app gives you 1 new word per day. They give you that word in an example sentence (English and Dutch).

They also have a game where you are asked how to spell a word (random words it seems). For example, you might see on your screen:


And you have four letters beneath. i, e, a, o. You have to fill in the blanks from left to right. Once you start getting used to Dutch spelling rules, you will start to see patterns. For example, the end of the word is probably -lijk, so you don’t want to click on the i just yet.

With some trial and error you click the a (clicking the wrong letter just says ‘Opps’). So now you have fats–nl-jk with i, e, o left. ‘oe’ is more likely to be a letter combination in Dutch than ‘eo’, so try the o next then the e. Finally put in the i – fatsoenlijk. Sometimes the game is hard (you have to fill in all of the letters) and sometimes it is easy (you only have to fill in two letters, and both happen to be o!) but at least you see the word again.

* * * * * * * *

Feel free to post your favorite Dutch apps in the comment area! Anything related to the Netherlands – it does not have to be about learning the language only.

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3 thoughts on “Dutch apps (Or: Building blocks for the blog)

  1. Try downloading dutch radio station from the itunes apps! I love those … especially when I was in Singapore and there was no one near me speaking Dutch. Oh Another one is the Buienradar.. weather forecast for NL 🙂

    • What are some of the Dutch radio stations you listen to? I don’t use iTunes much for radio or podcasts so I don’t have much expertise in the area. I did add Buienradar to the page though, thanks! 🙂

  2. It is actually an apps for all Dutch Radio (a full list), should have them on andriod too! My personally favorites are Radio538, Q-Music & Sky radio! 😀

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