Zondag (Or: Not enough sports)

Eek. It’s Sunday, and there’s a Monday staring right at us! But it’s still miles above winter and darkness falling at 5pm.

I added two more apps to the Dutch apps page based on some suggestions that I received. Feel free to keep them coming! It’s always a bit interesting to search for apps, since the Dutch iTunes page doesn’t filter out English results. And since English is spoken by a lot of people in the Netherlands, most of the results on the page seem to be apps written for English speaking persons. (Which is why any suggestions you have are definitely helpful.)

Yesterday was definitely a sports filled day — but for some reason, all of the teams I hoped would win did not. (The Netherlands, and then hoping for a tie in Germany-Portugal and not getting one, and then the Miami Heat won in basketball, and the New Jersey Devils won in hockey… you get the idea!)

On the other side, there wasn’t that much sports on tv today, although I did find the Italy-Croatia game Euro 2012 game interesting. I wasn’t rooting for any particular team, so that probably helped! Usually it’s dead in the summer after the basketball and hockey seasons end. But at least we have Euro 2012 and the Olympics. Of course, I can’t really mention Tour de France since they never show it live on on American tv anymore, since Lance Armstrong retired.

But tomorrow it is back to work… My alarm will be going off very early in the morning, I fear.

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2 thoughts on “Zondag (Or: Not enough sports)

  1. AnonymouslyKnown

    Are you accepting apps for Androids related to Dutch materials as well?

  2. Android apps are of course welcome. 🙂

    I hope you are enjoying your vacation! Nothing flooded today, so it must have been a good Monday…

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