Dissecting Google (Or: What kind of information do you need?)

At least this Monday did not see any floods at work. Small things to be thankful for!

I spent most of the afternoon working on a handout for the Forms section in Google Docs, which I and other librarians use for some library related things (reserving group study rooms and requesting journal articles, at the moment). I am a fan of Google forms, since it’s a free option which also sends you email updates if someone submits a form. You can use it to collect all sorts of information, from the best time(s) for a group to meet up to quizzes, to comments and suggestions, and everything in between.  The only thing I don’t like is the lack of formatting (bold, italics, and similar).

The reason I am working on the handout is because I have a two hour presentation to give on Wednesday to some faculty. I am not quite sure how I can make it last a whole two hours, but we’ll see…

Of course while working on the handout, I had a tab open to keep track of the Euro 2012 scores. I forgot how much I missed that perk with the World Cup. I definitely work best if I can keep a “fun” tab open that I can stare at for a minute every so often. Ultra mini breaks!

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