Apostilles (Or: No record, no impediment, single status…)

December is fast approaching. With this in mind, I decided to start looking at the various forms that Marco and I would need to fill out for me to make the move to the Netherlands. The PDF I looked at was the Regular Residence Permit form (without need for the Regular Provisional Residence form, or MVV). The Dutch do love their acronyms.

As usually happens, I find myself surfing the internet, with time always going faster than I hope. I really need to carve out a good weekend day to wrap my head around all of this stuff. One thing I have found is it is one thing to have the form – but it’s a lot easier to visit unofficial forums hosted by expats for the nitty gritty answers you are looking for.

Case in point: I need an official document which states that I am not married (yet! 🙂 ). This form goes by many names:  Certificate of No Impediment, Certificate of No Record, Single Status Statutory Declaration, and more. Lots more.

The form says “your declaration of unmarried status, originating from your country of origin …” Obviously they did not write the form for Americans, so you must assume that they would be okay with a form from the last state I resided in (New York) versus the state where I spent more of my adult life (Illinois). Though I figure either will do. I just do not want them wondering why I have a single status document from New York but a birth certificate from Illinois.

You also need to get an apostille for these (and other) documents, to provide legal backing to your claims. Apostilles are for documents issued in one country but used in another. For the countries which abide by the 1961 Hague convention, an apostille is enough for the foreign country.

I found the instructions for getting a birth certificate from Illinois, though it expires after 6 months so I will probably wait a bit longer. Unfortunately, for the single status document that I need, the Google results are heavily dominated by the New York City instructions, but I do not live in NYC. I think it’s time I contact the county I live in to get things answered!

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5 thoughts on “Apostilles (Or: No record, no impediment, single status…)

  1. Marco

    I hadn’t told you yet, but one thing I plan on doing is contacting the IND and ask if it’s possible to do some of these things in advance. So instead of walking into their office with the forms a few days after your arrival I’d like to have it all sealed and stamped when you arrive. Not holding my breath..I’ve heard stories that the IND isn’t always the fastest organisation but it never hurts to ask.

  2. Marissa L-K

    Hi Niki,
    I dont know if you still check these or get notification of these comments. I am looking to move in with my boyfriend (who live in the Netherlands, so I’d be moving there to be with him) in a few months. I have become very overwhelmed by this process and just found this post on your blog. I know this may seem weird but It would be amazing if you could possibly help me with some questions i have about this journey? Please let me know, your help would be much appreciated!

    • You can always ask but I can’t guarantee a good answer. All cases are different, and the laws seem to change yearly. 🙂

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