Flight plans (Or: The death of logic)

The one thing I will never be able to understand is why the price of a one way airline ticket is more expensive than a round trip ticket by far.

Round trip ticket, EWR to AMS = $1,100

One way ticket, EWR to AMS = $2,300

It’s enough to make one’s head hurt!

Of course then you start to wonder if there is any issue with buying a round trip ticket and only using the first ticket, not the second. (Note: I know there’s some issues with skipping out on an earlier leg and getting the entire flight canceled as a consequence.)

I could always book the round trip ticket for 2-3 months out and then just state, if asked or I contact them, that I wanted to have a backup plan in case the  residence permit is denied. Not that I expect it to be, of course. I would also feel more comfortable having a round trip ticket in my possession when I go through immigration at Schiphol, though it’s not a deal breaker by any means.

There’s also the option of flying Aer Lingus, which does offer some rather cheap options, and no upcharge for one way tickets. The only major drawback is that they do not fly into Newark, only JFK.

It’s fun to ponder, however!

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7 thoughts on “Flight plans (Or: The death of logic)

  1. If it was me I would buy the return ticket and of course because you are going to be with Marco, just throw the other half away…. or perhaps someone might to make a one way trip to the USA. V.

    • The Aer Lingus option will probably be the best. The only annoyance is flying out of JFK and having a layover. But you can’t beat a $550 ticket to fly across the ocean…

  2. I’d check with the airline first about a one-way flight. When we bought one-way tickets to the Netherlands, we were almost denied boarding because of that. It wasn’t until I showed my EU passport that we were allowed to board.

    • Interesting. Was it for the flight where someone moved over to NL permanently? We plan to have all of the documentation ready (and perhaps a documented appointment already scheduled to visit the police/similar as I need to do this in the first 3 business days anyway).

      And did the airline try to deny boarding, or did the American immigration officials try to deny it? Thanks. 🙂

      • Yes, it was when we were moving here. We had a few bags, and our cat. It was the airline officials at the check-in desk. We tried explaining to them that we were moving to the Netherlands, but all they wanted was proof of a return. Told them we didn’t have a return, as we were moving there. He still insisted that we would have to purchase a return flight until I finally showed him my Irish Passport.

        They did also have problems issuing our boarding pass, as our first flight (to EWR) was on Continental, and then our next flight was on SAS. They issued my wife’s boarding pass for SAS, but told me I’d have to get mine in Newark. Go figure. Perhaps he was just a clueless agent!

        After moving here, I called the IND (Immigration Office) a few days later, but their first available appointment wasn’t for 2 more weeks. It may be quicker in Den Haag, though.

  3. Marco

    Thanks for the info. I’ll make sure to wave my Dutch passport around and make sure I have some proof of my domicile and things like that. Just in case 🙂
    We’ll see how the IND appointment goes. Basically if we keep our end of the deal and apply asap, then it’s up to them and thus basically nothing we can do to make it go faster. 🙂

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