Don’t trip (Or: Larger than life Euro 2012 decoration)

Here is another Euro 2012 decoration, straight from Marco’s camera. It’s rather unfortunate that the Google Street view car wasn’t passing by this week, otherwise this larger than life decoration would have been immortalized for all time… or at least 3-4 years.

I am not surprised to see that this is nailed down, less someone try to steal it by pushing it down the street. How fast do you think it would take before they get caught? “No, officer. This is my exercise ball, I swear!”

Go ahead. Kick it. I dare you.

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4 thoughts on “Don’t trip (Or: Larger than life Euro 2012 decoration)

  1. Now this is what one would call a soccer ball to end soccer balls. When the Google street car came down our road I was in my garden. And now I am caught on Google street view. I’m glad I was wearing my best French blue jeans. Virginia

    • Nice to hear you were in good clothes. 😉 Don’t think I have ever been “caught”.

  2. haha, i think there won’t be any google street view cars on duty during the EK or WK in holland because of this reaason. decorations are everywhere; we have a couple of flags at the door and in the back yard too. the men like football but the women are bussy decorating there houses, kids and sometimes thereselves. (it can get pretty scary here sometimes… ha ;))

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