Lazy Fridays (Or: Should I go get a tan?)

Well, I am not sure how lazy a Friday can be after working an 11 hour shift… but now that that is behind me, the night does seem lazy.

Madurodam figure, relaxing in the sun

The picture above is from Madurodam, a miniature city of typical Dutch places in a 1:25 scale. I have many, many pictures of it from the trip I took two summers ago… but I will save those for another blog post. But I did like the picture above, and it seems apt for a Friday. Even if it’s not summer currently.

Another interesting place in the Hague is sunday’s, a tanning salon (some plural words in Dutch end with ‘s, like baby’s and auto’s).

Sundays tanning in the Hague

When I first stumbled across it, I was strongly reminded of the font that Subway uses in its logo. But what really gets my attention is the mix of Dutch (professioneel zonnen, zon = sun), and the slogan “lookin’ good, feelin’ great !” in English. It’s very typical, and always random. Marco says some companies and products use English to look cool. Although sometimes it is helpful – like within Schipol airport.

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3 thoughts on “Lazy Fridays (Or: Should I go get a tan?)

  1. The incorrect apostrophe s to denote plural in English is one of those things that drives me crazy, so it’s taken some work on my part to not twitch every time I see it here in Dutch. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I wasn’t very happy either when I learned about that rule. Though I don’t get bombarded with it…yet. (Thank God.)

  3. Marco

    If it makes you feel better, we do it for French words too (foto’s, bureau’s)

    As you can imagine it’s also hard for Dutch people to do it right when they write English.
    That, and the fact that Dutch tends to make huge compound words, while English breaks them up.
    Argh! I have become so accustomed to the English rule I make mistakes in Dutch! ๐Ÿ™‚

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