Playgrounds (Or: Playtime in the middle of a Dutch city)

In the Netherlands, land is at a premium. It’s a small country that still boasts about 17 million people, so you need to find a place for everyone and everything.

Including playgrounds for the little ones.

Playground in the Hague

The benches on the lower right side (semi) recently had chess boards engraved into the stone, even if you can’t see it from this far away.

When I was growing up, there was a playground smack in the middle of a huge grass field just one block over. The usual swing set, slide, and wooden bridge. It even had a tire swing! Similar to this image, except that it was a much larger contraption with 4 tires that swung around, powered by someone else not on the swings who gets a running start and pushes them. I remember when I was growing up that a group of kids got it started, and had it spinning around quickly until the riders were not quite sideways… and then one of the kids accidentally let go, and went flying about 25 feet.

I didn’t have much sympathy for him though, since he was the town bully!

Playground chairs in the Hague

I found this chair-type apparatus interesting. It seems like a lot of fun to climb on if you’re the right age. And there’s a lot of space for the kiddies to run around in, even if it doesn’t have grass. I could see myself climbing on the tallest chair back when I was a kid and just pretending I am so tall that I could see everything.

I’ll admit that it’s quite different from the playgrounds that I remember, though it does have its own charm. I do like the cobblestone pathways that a lot of areas seem to have — except when it’s icy of course!

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3 thoughts on “Playgrounds (Or: Playtime in the middle of a Dutch city)

  1. Ahoy! I like those chairs! Where are they?

  2. Marco and I found the area when we were exploring random parts of the Hague; I looked it up and apparently it is part of the Rabbijn Maarsenplein, which is a little “Chinatown” type area.

    • Oh, I know that area, there are a lot of little Asian eateries there. I had the Volcano soup from the noodle bar in the corner, it was hot but I wish it had been more flavorful.
      Thanks and have a nice weekend!

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