Setting up (Or: Town festivities)

Today when I went to Shoprite, I was greeted with the setup for the annual “town day” that we have each October. This year I will have to miss it as I have a prior engagement – if I get some good pictures of THAT unnamed event I will post them as well.

Here are some of the pictures I took on the way to and from my weekly groceries chore:

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4 thoughts on “Setting up (Or: Town festivities)

  1. Marco

    It’s a shame I had to miss that by a few days. :/

    • No worries. You’d be bored after 30 minutes max. (It’s mostly for kids and people who want to buy trinkets.)

  2. Didn’t the uber-friendly comic book shop owner have a stand? That could have kept marco interested for 5 more minutes i am sure. And yeah, there needs to be more distance between those jerseys.. although you can clearly see the rangers is dominating the little capitals costume..

    • Niki

      Heh. “Uber-friendly”. Not even close to friendly (for those who are wondering why I laugh).

      But no, there was no comic stand ever in this mini festival. That would at least be entertaining for a bit. It’s mostly clothes, food, and advertisement personal services like banking/etc.

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