Stroopwafels (Or: Dutch treats in an American cupboard)

A few posts ago I had shown a picture of what Marco’s cupboard looks like. It response, my mom emailed me a picture of the Dutch treats that Marco mailed to my parents last month.

The card on the left says “meow” in Dutch.

Then you have kruidnootjes. Then you have the stroopwafels (kanjers brand). Those come on this blog a lot! In the back you have gebroken speculaas, which is just a larger form of speculoos (a gingerbread cookie – good for dipping in coffee). In the foreground in the yellow bag, you have hopjes, which is a coffee flavored candy. Finally in the back on the right side, you have hollandse drop, a type of licorice candy.

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7 thoughts on “Stroopwafels (Or: Dutch treats in an American cupboard)

  1. Jim

    I might add the stroopwafels were outstanding. Note the word “were” meaning they are long gone but not forgotten.

  2. I used to run on stroopwafelkruimels. Basically bags of cut up little pieces of stroopwafels..
    Some sellers would (for a small additional charge) pour hot stroop over them before handing them over.. Yum!!

    For some reason i stopped eating that at some point (most likely to move on to the next snack)

    I think i will give them a shot again soon..

  3. Niki as we have a large group of folks originally from the Netherlands living in this area, our locally owned grocery store carries lots of Dutch food items. Right about now the stroopwafles will make an appearance. I have discovered I can make them taste ALMOST like the ones I used to buy fresh at the Albert Cuyp market. I microwave them just until the syrupy mixture

  4. Roger

    Yeah, great point.. I always microwave my stroopwafels or stroopkoeken for a little bit too. Yum!

    • Yeah, somewhere around 8 to 10 seconds the most makes them nice and warm.

      But looking forward to buying them warm from a street vendor at some point. 😉

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