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Window shopping (Or: Anyone up for some stroopwafels?)

Stroopwafels being the Dutch delicacy of two thin wafels with caramel syrup in the middle (English Wikipedia). They were originally made in Gouda in the 19th century. In my opinion, the best way to eat them is from a street vendor while they are still warm. There is a local company by the name of Van Schaik (official website) which makes them. Usually they have a street stand but recently they also opened a store in the same area on Venstraat.

Marco and I took a walk on Sunday and spotted a few cute heart-shaped stroopwafels in their shop window:

You can also get them in the tourist tins (which sell really well, I’m sure).

The sugar waffles above are what caught Marco’s eye in the first place.

But the coolest thing was definitely this bucket of stroopwafel pieces. Holy moly! That is a LOT of stroopwafel. My only fear with bringing that home is that I wouldn’t be able to stop eating them…

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Chocolate eggs by Hema (Or: Stroopwafel flavor, anyone?)

It feels like a lifetime ago, but a few weeks ago (13 March) I was browsing in Hema. I could not resist snapping a few photos of their chocolate egg collection:

Some of the flavors included dark chocolate banana cream, white chocolate matcha lemon, milk chocolate cookies and cream (that one was almost empty), milk chocolate orange, milk chocolate coconut, milk chocolate peanut butter… I definitely learned that everyone’s favorite flavor is milk chocolate, not dark chocolate.

There was also a display near one of the entrances.

But the best (and most Dutch) flavor was…

You guessed it… Stroopwafel flavored chocolate eggs!

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Stroopwafels in Indy (Or: At least my parents have a backup plan!)

Another post about “things that remind me of home in America” – this time Belgian stroopwafels (syrup waffles). This was spotted at a local Walmart I believe. Stroopwafels! Take your pick from original on the left or chocolate covered on the right.

Belgian boys mini Dutch stroopwafels

As always, in their original form stroopwafels are great to place over your coffee cup to slowly heat them. Although these minis would probably only fit over an expresso cup… If you don’t drink coffee, try heating them in the microwave in 5 second bursts.

And the chocolate ones are just good all the time.

My last three posts including this one have definitely had a very Belgian theme (the Wafels & Dinges stand in Central Park, the Lotus cookies, which is headquartered in Belgium, and this post). Although at least these bags do label them as “Dutch caramel waffles”.

Check out the story of the founding of the Belgian boys company.

But as the title of this blog post suggests, at least my parents have a backup plan if their stroopwafel supply runs lower. (They were on the lowest shelf in the granola bars section, guys!)

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365 days of blog posts

I started this blog back on January 7, 2012. I have written a blog post a day detailing various things – though not all of them were about the Netherlands or related to the Dutch. A lot of New York themed posts seemed to slip in as well…

Here are some of my more highly visited posts which are Dutch related:

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6. Streets (Or: Wandering through the Hague)

7. Dutch televisie (Or: Soaking up some Dutch)

And I will leave you with a picture of a freshly baked stroopwafel:

freshly baked stroopwafel

Note. I will no longer post every day. Probably. Maybe. ;p

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Stroopwafels (Or: Dutch treats in an American cupboard)

A few posts ago I had shown a picture of what Marco’s cupboard looks like. It response, my mom emailed me a picture of the Dutch treats that Marco mailed to my parents last month.

The card on the left says “meow” in Dutch.

Then you have kruidnootjes. Then you have the stroopwafels (kanjers brand). Those come on this blog a lot! In the back you have gebroken speculaas, which is just a larger form of speculoos (a gingerbread cookie – good for dipping in coffee). In the foreground in the yellow bag, you have hopjes, which is a coffee flavored candy. Finally in the back on the right side, you have hollandse drop, a type of licorice candy.

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Streets (Or: Wandering through the Hague)

It’s been a crazy day, but it’s nearing the end. I will say the most random thing of the day was learning to use the JAWS screen reader to help a student find scholarly articles. The craziest was confronting another bus passenger (from a nearby psychiatric hospital, no less) about the laws of momentum and perhaps he would like to hold on to his cup of coffee, rather than letting it spill all over the floor?

Perhaps I’ll make a cup of koffie (coffee) later. But it’ll be straight – the only time I add anything is when Marco is around and we make french vanilla coffee. Yum, vanille suiker (vanilla sugar).

Marco was kind enough to take some pictures of some places in the Hague that hold special or fun memories for me.

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