Old commercials (Or: “I feel like posting tonight”)

Back when I was a kid we had commercials for a product called “Chicken Tonight”. Small world I suppose – it was originally sold in America under the Ragu brand, but Ragu is owned by Unilever, a Dutch company. According to Wikipedia (same article in Dutch) it is no longer sold in America, but it is still sold in the Netherlands.

jar of Chicken Tonight

Of course the flavors are quite different in this country – while in America you had flavors such as Honey Mustard and Country French, here you have flavors like kerrie met ananas (curry with pineapple) under the Knorr brand. So we made that tonight, just to have a blast with the past type feeling.

Best part, of course, was the ridiculous commercials from the ’90s where people would say “I feel like chicken tonight, like chicken tonight” while flapping their arms like chickens.

Youtube commercial

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3 thoughts on “Old commercials (Or: “I feel like posting tonight”)

  1. I used to love those commercials… still do 🙂

  2. We also had a bunch of chicken tonight commercials through the years. That jingle is imprinted in my brain. Aargh!

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