Paraplu (Or: Caught in a downpour)

Today was a day where I was glad I brought an umbrella (paraplu). While the morning bus ride to work wasn’t too bad, the rain started around 9:30AM and then rained/poured on and off all day.

As I was waiting at the bus stop to go home, the skies opened up and the rain started coming down. It was pouring by the time I got off the bus. I stopped at the deli to pick up some milk, and then steeled myself for the 10 minute walk home. It was a good 30 seconds before I told myself Okay – you have to go outside again. It’s not going to stop any time soon. About halfway home, the rain came down even worse. Just for a minute.

That reminded me of last June, when Marco brought his mother over to see the NY sights again (she first visited in the ’70s). One day we wanted to go to the mall, but it was raining pretty hard. We took a chance but got soaked in the process. I had an extra (old) umbrella so we each had one, but it was barely enough.

It was like being in a monsoon without the accompanying wind to back it up, and then of course the wait for the bus was about 40 minutes (thankfully under an overhang) because it was late.

One very swollen creek

Here’s a picture that Marco took of the local creek. Let’s just put the insanity this way: that’s about 3 1/2 feet (107cm) of extra water raging past. Normally the creek is about 2-3 inches (7cm) deep.

On the way to the mall, we witnessed one car that was literally half submerged in the water — only the back end was visible. The driver had tried to take the exit ramp off the highway but misjudged and went into a dip in the grass. Byebye car!

By the time we got to the mall, we had to run into the bathroom and crouch in front of the hand dryers to try and get some of the water out of our t-shirts. It was only partially successful…

Ah, memories.

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5 thoughts on “Paraplu (Or: Caught in a downpour)

  1. I’ll never complain about the rain again. Big promise from someone who lives in a rain forest.
    I am sure Marco’s Mother took it all in her stride. It does get a little wet in the Netherlands. Virginia

    • I feel I should be the one who shouldn’t complain, considering I am moving to the Netherlands where it is always raining it seems!

    • Well, it’s always fun to watch the heavy rain when you don’t have to go outside. Just less fun when you do!

  2. You will experience the unexpected downpour all the time when you arrive in the Netherlands. The weather changes by the hour.. lol!

    • At least in the Hague you have the opportunity of running from overhang to overhang. Not as much in the town I currently live in. There’s really no shelter on the way home 😉

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