Pearl River fatality from Hurricane Sandy…

What the hell. One of the 16 or so confirmed U.S. deaths was in my little town of Pearl River, NY. I live in the lower Hudson Valley area in Rockland County. A tree fell on a family’s house on the other side of town (edit: the name of the man who died was Jeffrey Chanin).


image and story:

That’s not good. 😦 My sympathies go out to his family. I heard fire engines and ambulances mobilizing around that time (6pm last night), but I didn’t think it would be that bad.

I learned of this from Marco, actually – he might live across the ocean, but he knows how to find the local news sites.

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2 thoughts on “Pearl River fatality from Hurricane Sandy…

  1. You may be living an ocean apart but you and Marco are always connected – as witness by this post. It is very upsetting watching the news and those who have lost everything – some their lives. Virginia

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