Shoes (Or: Move over, rover)

Written by Marco…

When I left Niki about a month ago, I took home a (new) pair of her shoes.
We had bought them the day before, and it was one of those “if you let me take them now, we don’t have to carry them in December.”

Yesterday, it amused me to put the shoes next to mine.
And chuckle at how small her shoes and feet are compared to the huge vessels that are my shoes… But why is this do news worthy? Well I’ve already told about how I’m making room at my place..

But this is the first time that I’ve actually was able to place an item in the apartment already 🙂 It’s the first of many items where I have to move over and make room for Niki’s belongings. Well to be honest I don’t believe it’ll be that bad 😉 I crazy can it be, right? (Famous last wo

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8 thoughts on “Shoes (Or: Move over, rover)

  1. Marco that photograph of the two pairs of shoes is so sweet. Virginia

  2. What happened there? Your hallway looks clean. What, did your mom drop by? *blink*

  3. Marco

    Thank you Virginia.
    And no Roger, my hallway usually looks clean. And I took the pics Tuesday, after you and Mark left (so perhaps it was a tad more tidied up because of that as well *blink*)

  4. Oh, just fyi.. that last comment was meant as a joke.

    I am sure Marco does not need any help keeping the place clean..

    Well he does need Niki to sort his dvds and comics, thats for sure..

  5. Marco

    But I do not take it as a joke but an accussation. After all, there was only a blink and not a smiley. 🙂 🙂
    That one spot is the single place in my apartment that is usually clear of random debris.
    Except for a bike pump. Which is weird because I don’t own a bike 😉

  6. Take it as you like, I was just trying to not make you look like a fool. *smile*

    Now you’ve made yourself look like one.. *giggle*

  7. yeah that bike pump does seem out of place. *blink* *grin*

  8. Out of place sure, but has helped me out a few times already so i support the placement.

    (mostly since i placed it there)

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