Chaos (Or: NYC traffic and gridlock)

I wonder if other Americans are still getting non-stop news coverage of Hurricane Sandy cleanup (besides 8-10pm primetime television)? Or is it only because I am so close to NYC? I have no idea.

Traffic is absolutely insane if you’re trying to get into Manhattan. They implemented HOV (high occupancy vehicle) rules on all bridges except the George Washington Bridge. This means that you need to have three or more people in your vehicle to get into Manhattan if you are traveling by car. To implement these checks, they have created checkpoints where the traffic must go down into one lane and each car is individually inspected. Some of the bridges have backups of over 9 miles, and some people were reporting times of over 3 hours waiting to get into the city.

Roughly half of the subway lines are running with free fares through 11:59PM Friday, with delays or service changes (some lines can’t go below 34th street). Some are still completely suspended. Buses also have free fares as well through the same time frame.

Hurricane Recovery subway map (not sure how long the link will remain active as it is for today only – look for an updated map tomorrow)

Free shuttle buses are being offered in a few places. One of those places is the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, new home of the New Jersey Brooklyn Nets. Buses every arriving every minute, but there is still a long line of people (over 3,000 and growing!) waiting in line to get onto a bus to get into Manhattan. Within the last half hour they consolidated the two waiting lines into one by having the line wrap around the arena.

And then you have to think of what the commute home will be like…

Other news:

Comcast is offering free wifi to customers in affected states, even if you are not a Comcast customer).

AT&T and T-Mobile have (in effect) merged their networks in New Jersey and New York so that customers can access either network – whichever one has better signal strength.

At the moment the NYC Marathon will still be held Sunday, but the Nets game tonight against the Knicks is postponed (pushing the grand opening to Saturday against the Raptors).

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One thought on “Chaos (Or: NYC traffic and gridlock)

  1. Thanks Niki for the addition information. We get snippets but your post really puts in prospective. V.

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