Remotes (Or: Chaos in choices)

One thing that I always found a bit more difficult to grasp is the sheer amount of remotes that Marco has:

Yes, the Xbox controller is also a remote for certain things. I forget what – the last game system I used regularly was Nintendo… However I enjoy watching other people play video games. How is weird is that? Back in the day I loved watching my babysitter play Super Mario Brothers on the original Nintendo (mid to late 80s). I remember how hard it was to make that one jump on level 8-1

Although in retrospect it shouldn’t be that different from my parents, who also have 5 remotes I believe. I remember having to sheepishly call my mom at work (when I was home briefly for vacation) because I had zero idea had to get the TV set up so I could watch a DVD.

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One thought on “Remotes (Or: Chaos in choices)

  1. I have 5 remotes in my bedroom alone.. been thinking about a universal remote for that room…

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