Alterations (Or: Dutch for dummies book)

A few years ago, long before we decided that I would move to the Netherlands, Marco got me a Dutch study aid. It was from the popular “for dummies” book series.

Of course he felt a bit weird calling me a dummy, so he decided to alter the title a bit…

It makes me grin every time I see it!

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6 thoughts on “Alterations (Or: Dutch for dummies book)

  1. iI keep telling you Niki – that Marcos is a SWEETIE. I had a chuckle over this post. Virginia

  2. I remember telling Marco i doubted the plan to send a book ‘for dummies’ to Niki (i did not know Niki as well as I do now and was not sure she would take offense or not *giggle*)

    I don’t know if that prompted the sweeties part or if Marco had figured that out already, but it was definitely a cool thing to do.. go Marco!

    • Huh. I wonder when he gave it to me then. Since I pretty much met you in January 2008 as that’s when I moved to New Brunswick, NJ. So I guess he gave it to me when I still lived with my parents. Maybe. It all blurs together. ;p

      • tm1wp1

        Well i didn’t mean i didn’t know you at all. Just that i didn’t know you as well as i do now. *smile*
        But yeah, no clue when it was..

  3. Marco

    I don’t remember when In gave you this one. Probably around the time you moved or shortly after.
    But yes, the reason for putting ‘sweetie’ on it is because I didn’t want you to glare at me.
    I know how much it actually annoyed you for having to start Dutch at the true beginners level.

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