Freshman (Or: T-Minus 1 day)

I… am tired. I have been running around the campus like a maniac most of the day. The freshman come back tomorrow. I wish I had a few more weeks to work on my projects before they do! But c’est la vie.

In the morning, I hijacked my coworker’s computer (thank you Amy!) as it was connected to the color printer and I have to do at least 325 tri-fold brochures before Saturday’s scavenger hunt.

Somewhere in between my print jobs (25 copies in each group) I got called away to look at the new furniture that was being delivered downstairs in the Learning Commons. It is coming along beautifully after the stupid, heartwrenching flood in June.

I managed to get 204 copies done before I had to leave to attend another coworker’s 92nd birthday party. (Actually, his birthday is tomorrow, but again, the freshman are descending! and it will be a madhouse.) The birthday party was pretty cool. Of course, it feels like it has only been 6 months since his 91st birthday. Thankfully I was able to get a few snacks, which came in handy later.

After that I worked a bit on answering emails and the like. And then I walked to the other end of campuses to put up new signs (about our new YouTube page, our workshop offerings, and our Facebook/Twitter/WordPress links). It was fun to head over to the other end of campus because I got to see a lot of returning faculty, as they were in the middle of a conference and streaming through the halls to get to their next room/workshop. And after that building was done, I doubled back to go to another building. Argh. This is when I started to feel tired, in the heat!

Finally, the day ended with me bringing down the office supplies for the Learning Commons and moving around the furniture a bit to get things in place for Monday’s grand re-opening. And then around 3pm my stomach growled and I realized that I completely forgot to eat lunch. Opps.

For fun, here are two of the blog posts I read tonight that I liked:

Neighbour has pumpkins!, by eener

The concept of leaving pumpkins outside, with a cash box for you to drop money into, seems very cool to me. But surprising that it works.

Ready. Fire. AIM!, by ghotti industries

On the adventures of looking for a medieval fair in Amsteelveen, and never actually finding it, yet still getting some great foresty pictures along the way.

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