Handmade (Or: A Dutchie’s jigsaw puzzles)

Back in late October 2009, when I had only lived in this current apartment for a few months, Marco had to buy a birthday gift for a friend’s young child. While searching for a gift in a store, he came across blank puzzle pieces.

On a whim, he purchased four jigsaws and drew some images and phrases on each. He then had the bright idea to mail them to me a few at a time! So it was a while before I could complete the puzzles, though not forever.

“ik ben van jou” -> I am yours.

Funny story about the phrase above – he taught me two phrases back before I really started studying Dutch at all. “ik ben van jou” – I am yours – and “jij bent van mij” – you are mine. As I had zero grounding in Dutch, he was teaching me to remember it based on memorization, so he said “jij BENT van mij”, while making a bending motion with his hands.

So for whatever reason, that phrase reminded me of driving a car, with your hands on the steering wheel. So for a long time I could only differentiate between the two (ben vs. bent) by thinking of which one was where you were driving.

And this second jigsaw puzzle is proof that we have always been counting down days until we see each other again. At the bottom you can see the “80!!’ for 80 days. That would have been the Christmas trip where they visited my new digs for the first time.

By the way – it is 28 days and about 20 hours until we see each other again.

Not that we’re counting.

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5 thoughts on “Handmade (Or: A Dutchie’s jigsaw puzzles)

  1. That Marco is a sweetie-pie. I think the puzzle with a message is soo romantic Niki. Virginia

  2. Awesome, just awesome… *cheer*

  3. That’s amazing!!!! That’s the cutest thing ever!!!

    • I know! It was especially good because I didn’t really know anyone around the area in late 2009 except coworkers, and even my place was pretty bare without furniture still. So I always looked forward to any mail to brighten my day. 🙂

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