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Looking down Spuistraat at night (Or: Everything’s closed)

We’re now in mid-June which means the days are almost at their longest. This photo was taken just before 22:30 last night as the sun was setting:

I deliberately didn’t crop out the markings on the ground reminding people to keep their distance and to walk on the correct side of the street. It will be so weird to look at these photos in five years, I think.

I posted about this article recently, but this street is one of the twenty or so areas in the Netherlands which will have a lot of problems in the new ‘one and a half meters’ society – the street is way too narrow. See also ‘Haagse Spuistraat knelpunt bij anderhalve meter economie’ from

And here is an article with cats and trams! Sort of. Kat Simba gered na anderhalve week onder metrolijn E, also from It tells the story of a cat that was trapped for about a week and a half under the track of metro line E. There’s a happy ending of course.

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Delft blauw in The Hague (Or: Mini statues)

The Delft blauw craze will never quite go away. Recently I was visiting Frederik Hendriklaan or the Fred, as the locals call it. I stepped inside Kaatje aan de Rein (Facebook page), a gift shop.

I had to think of my mother-in-law when I spotted these tiny creatures, made in the style of Delft blauw:

They are similar to the two playing cats she purchased at the Gemeentemuseum, a local museum here in The Hague. You can see a picture of the two cats here.

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Lazy Sundays (Or: In the sun)


This is a friend’s other cat (the first one making her way to my blog last month). Happily lying in the sun…

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Bendy cats (Or: A Monday pick me up)

Special to you for your Monday morning:

Cat lounging around

This is Roxy (Roxie?), a friend’s new cat. She is quite bendy. She’s actually lying in a basket attached to a “cat playing structure”, but contently hanging over the edge. For the record, she was already doing that for some time before I walked over to take the photo.

Happy Monday, everyone! (Of course, if you’re in the Netherlands you’re probably at least partially comforted by the fact that you have Thursday off for Ascension Day — at least, I hope you get it off.)

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Yet another try for Spuistraat 19-20a (Or: SoLow XXL)

Spuistraat 19-20a used to be a bookstore by the name of De Slegte. Many years ago, that is – Marco used to get his used textbooks there. Then a few years ago it was taken over by another bookstore, Selexyz. Then last year or so it became Paagman’s, yet another bookstore. See a pattern yet? Then Paagman’s moved to Lange Poten… So that particular location seemed rather cursed.

In early May a new store moved in – this time a SoLow, a discount store. It’s pretty decent, with a mix of normal discount items and random items that they just happened to get in stock that month.

SoLow XXL in The Hague

XXL is definitely the correct term – it’s pretty large inside. I do recommend giving it a look if you live in The Hague. It is also good to check out for Halloween costumes as well closer to October.

Here’s a bonus picture of the neighbor’s cat napping in the garden:

Cat in the garden


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Lounging around The Hague (Or: Cute kitty)

Over the weekend Marco and I were able to get a photo of a kitten. This was a remarkably calm cat who allowed us to come within a few feet of him (we had to walk past) and didn’t mind having his photograph taken.

cat in The Hague

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Playing (Or: Delft blauw cat figurines)

It’s Friday! Here’s some cat figurines, in the style of Delft blauw:

Delft blauw playing cat figures

A random purchase that Marco’s mother made. Where exactly she made the purchase will have to be for another time, as we’re going out tonight to a friend’s birthday party.

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Cuteness (Or: Furry visitors peeking back)

My mother sent me a photo of three of the newest visitors to grace my parents’ backyard.

The kittens have since moved on, probably to the protected wildgrass behind my parents’ house.

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Underfoot (Or: Neighborhood cat)

I finally got a good picture of the neighborhood cat that I see hanging around.

Just like his yellow coat, he has dark yellow eyes. He doesn’t seem that shy.

The first time I saw him, he was on the nearby sidewalk in front of this house. Half his body was on the grass, facing the house. Most of his tail was on the sidewalk, out straight. I think he was stalking something, since he didn’t move at all. I almost tripped over his tail before I noticed something “yellow” on the sidewalk.

The second time, he darted in front of me from the road across the same sidewalk towards the house – not even a foot away from me. Yeesh!

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Black cats (Or: Being followed)

Somehow it is already 10PM. Where does the time go? So in the interests of getting to bed at a sane hour, I am just going to post a few pictures.

Both images are of a small black cat which followed Marco for a while on his way to work. Always staying far enough away, but obviously curious. Running ahead, and then ducking underneath cars – just to get a safe look at Marco.

Definitely someone’s pet, since it has tags. Very cute looking.

It followed him for a while, darting in and out of bushes. But not all of the way – doubt Marco’s workplace allows pets!

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